Review: The Enchantress

Title: The Enchantress
Author: Blaire Hammond
Series: Wicked series, book 1
Stars: ★★★★★

She heard the definite sound of a gunshot ring out across the land. She assumed it was someone out hunting. It wasn’t unusual for this time of night. But that was when she heard it. The scream. The unmistakeable high-pitched cry that belonged to her mother. 

I used to have plenty of time when my life exsisted of school, university and writing my thesis about Snow White. That time is far gone and reading books has sadly been on priority ‘low’. I found it hard to find back my reading time and my energy to dive into a book and enter a new world, like I used to do. Well, it’s getting better, and The Enchantress is one of the reasons why: I just COULD NOT stop reading anymore!

Laura’s story starts in a very normal, daily situation, but before you even blink twice, Laura’s world is being turned upside down. It’s a warm and bright winter-Saturday and Laura sets track to climb the top of the Wimerack Mountain. A beautiful sunset, the perfect place to read, but then a gunshot breaks the piece. Laura can do nothing else than see her mother being dragged away by three anonymous people and her father being shot in front of her eyes. There was nothing left to save him. With the promise to stay strong, to get to safety and to find her mother, she has to survive.

This is where Drew comes in, a darkhaired young man on a motorcycle you just can’t deny falling in love with. He is this mysterious character, the brilliant fighter, the sassy talker and the handsome looking one a story just can’t live without. Sounds familiair? Yes, of course it does. And yes, of course he falls in love with Laura, but Blaire Hammond drags you through a heartwarming (or breaking?), exciting and trilling story, before anything starts to bloom between these two.

Drew brings Laura to the Grand Manor, a place where the power couple Stella and Leo took in five orphaned teenagers with all powers of their own. There, Laura hears the story about a whole new world. A world of wizards and witches, warlocks and angels, gods and devils, demons and goblins. The line between good and bad seems thin again and either, you join the Enchanted of the Wicked.

Laura feels like a complete stranger in this new world and it’s hard to find her place. She has so many questions no one has an answer for: what is her story, what are her powers, why are the wicked after her, and above all: where is her mother? Leo and Stella know more about it. Laura is not safe and neither is her mother. All together, the residents of the Grand Manor decide to help Laura find her mother and to discover and block the plans of the Wicked.

KnipselI love the way The Enchantress holds you tight from beginning to end. It’s that kind of book you just can’t put down anymore. It feels like stepping back into the world of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters, then being dragged through James Dashner’s Wicked Maze, completed with high tensity level of Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses. In this time where Young Adult fantasies pop up like weeds in a garden (you don’t hear me complain though), Blair Hammond still manages to write a unique story that doesn’t feel like the thousand cliché fantasy all over again. And so are the characters: I’m not very fond of female characters who are being bullied first, and then they suddenly have strange powers and they are the hero of the story, etcetera etcetera. It kind of is what happens in The Enchantress, but Laura didn’t annoy me one single time. She isn’t being set as The Hero, but neither she claims to be the victim of it all. Everything seems to have the right balance.

The other thing I like is that The Enchantress really comes to life. Some scenes are described very well: you can follow every fighting move in your mind, every three get’s a place in the forest, every drop of blood dissapears at the blades of the warriors. This doesn’t mean ‘endless descriptions of mountains in the far distance’ or ‘pages full of scribbles about the front door of a castle’. Once again, it’s all about the right balance.

And you know what the good news is? The Enchantress is part of a series, and I am so ready to open the second book and see what will happen next. The only thing is: I really should study and I’m afraid I won’t be capable of putting down The Sacrifice, the second book in the Wicked Series…

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