Review: ‘Wings’

Title: Wings
Author: Olivia Faye Scott
Stars: ★★★★★

Isabelle frowned to herself. He was not in the least bit unattractive. Oddly enough, she could see him perfectly, even though he was on the other side of the massive cafeteria. The other students around him were slightly blurry, but his outlines were sharp and clear.


Wings is a beautiful story about overcoming a deep problem that can’t be solved on it’s own. In the beginning, I expected a romantic story about a girl who falls in love with an angel, a story we know in many books, but it was not at all like that, there was so much more…

Isabelle Parke is a teenage girl who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and lives with her grumpy aunt and worries cousins. After what she calls ‘The Accident’, her friends are not her friends anymore, her grades have dropped immensely, and if everything hadn’t been going from worse to worst, she starts to hallucinate as well. At least, she thinks she does. First he appears in the cafeteria, but Ariel can’t see him. Then he follows her into class, but she decides to shut her mouth about it, it’s all in her mind anyways. But then, when she comes home and enters her bedroom…

Isabelle opened the door to the formes guess bedroom and proceeded to have a mini-heart attack. The boy from the cafeteria was sitting on her bed.

Isabelle stifled a scream and backed up against the wall. She was going crazy, she had to be. There was no explanation. Not only was the mysterious apparition that only she could see sitting on her bed. He also had wings. Wings.

The winged boy claims to be her guardian angel, sent by God to help her overcome her PTSD and to get her life back on trail. Obviously, Isabelle still can’t believe it and keeps saying it’s all in her head. Should she go tell her therapist about it? She decides not to.

The angel introduces himself as Jophiel, like the archangel, the patron of artists. Not only does he really seem like wanting to help her, he also knows everything about her past, especially about The Accident. ‘Of course he knows’, Isabelle thinks, ‘he is the result of my PTSD and I made him up’. But then, how did he let het phone appear when she needed it? How did he pick an outfit for her and braided her hair? And there really are things he couldn’t have known…

Isabelle doesn’t succeed in shutting him out, so she accepts her ‘hallucination’ and pretends to be okay with his help. But is it really pretending? Somehow, she feels safe when he’s in her room while she sleeps, she feels comforted when he puts his arms and wings around her when she cries and he does seem to know the right things to say and do to cheer her up. And then, he takes her back into the memories of her past, back to The Accident.

Isabelle knew the scene very, very well. She had seen it in her nightmares over and over and over again. It was The Accident. Her breath caught, and she felt herself start to hyperventilate. Jophiel squeezed her hand again. “You can accept it now,” he said. “It happened. You don’t have to wonder if they’re ever going to come back, if they really died that day.”❞

She sees her mom, her dad, her twin sister. She can finally let it go and move on to a next step. Jophiel changed her in all kinds she could have never imagined. He even starts to appear in human form to introduce himself as her boyfriend Hunter Jackson to her aunt and cousins and isabelle finally believes he is not in her imagination: he is really there for her. Isabelle can only giggle and is starting to enjoy her life again. But then, she discovers a deep secret Jophiel never wanted to talk about. What is the real reason behind his stay on earth and is there a way to overcome what she just found out?


Olivia’s ‘Wings’ Instagram: Wings_Books
See/buy on Amazon: Wings Amazon
See/buy on Lulu: Wings Lulu

For sale on Amazon and Lulu in hardcover and paperback.

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