Review: The Sacrifice

Title: The Sacrifice
Author: Blaire Hammond
Series: Wicked series, book 2
Stars: ★★★★★

Everything was calm. Still. Silent. Eerily so. Laura glanced up, anticipating something, though she wasn’t sure what. And then, the world around them exploded.

Laura didn’t give up her deepest wish to find her mom, and so her search continues in The Sacrifice, the second book in Blaire Hammond’s Wicked Series. The Sacrifice follows the story of the Grand Manor students into the quest to find Laura’s mom, but – of course – this doesn’t just go easily. Laura’s whole new family is locked op in the Manor, marked as liars. No one believes them, so they have to come up with a new plan to save everyone.


When you think ‘saving the world‘ is already hard enough… for Laura it isn’t. It is also about saving herself. The knowledge about her powers, which are so strong she can barely control them, frightens her a lot. What if she hurts the people she loves most? How can she even be around Drew if she could blow him into pieces, by way of speaking? This makes her rescue journey even harder to fulfill.

Trust is an important topic in this second book. Not only trusting her own powers, but also trusting others. There can be spies everywhere and there is no one who believes their story. Still, Laura and her friends have to put their faith in the hands of two young guards. They are the only ones who can get them out of the Manor, on the way to stop the upcoming war.

Then imagine, the one you starting to love most is with you on this journey as well, but all you feel is like you are hurting him, or you will hurt him in the future if you stay too close…

For Laura, this mission is definitely not the end, it’s only the beginning of a fantastic and magical story. A mission to discover who she really is and what lays in her powers and beyond.

Book three and four are on their way! Just a few more days and book 3 will be out, so be sure to pre-order it now!

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