Review: The Elementals

Title: The Elementals
Author: Erin Forbes
Series: Fire & Ice
Stars: ★★★★☆

There are times when the unseen can be even more dangerous than what our eyes behold.

Welcome into the enchanted world of Alice and Emery Hanley, born twins, but yet nothing alike. The story is told from Alice’s perspective, a beautiful red-haired girl who possesses the Gift of Fire. She has a sparkling, uplifting and warm personality, which suits her burning Gift perfectly. Her sister Emery is a little more reserved and possesses the opposite Gift of her sister: Ice. Together, a few months before their sixteenth birthday, they are being ‘sent’ to the land of magic, ‘Aisling’, to the Academy for Gifted Youth.


The reading feels like an enchanted fairytale with the sparks of my favourite world from Harry Potter. The Academy is a wonderful place that takes your imagination to a Hogwardian setting.  The classes, the professors and even the building brings back all the memories of the wonderful Hogwarts. The big difference is that all students are gifted with an unique ‘piece of magic’. Everyone has their own specialty. And that is where the discovery of the prophecy comes in.

Alice and Emery discover that they are part of an ancient prophecy where they have to save Aisling from an upcoming dark curse. The four element-gifted students need to combine their powers to prevent to worst. Aridane Moss is the third element and has the Gift of  Of course, Ariadne and the twins are willing to help, but there is one problem: the Last Element is missing: Juniper Stone has gone missing that night. Will they find her in time to fulfil their duty and will they be able to find out whát exactly has to be done to stop the curse?

The Elementals was an easy read, but not in a negative way. I loved to read a shorter book in between the pile of giants. Also the chapters weren’t that long, which made it for me so nice to read a few chapters quickly in the train or bus, before going to work again.

The descriptions that take you into this fairytale world are making it worth it. It’s a realm you wanna dive in… Erin makes the world come alive in your mind. It all feels so enchanted, flowers start to bloom and sparkles appear where Erin sets down her words.

The characters are very lovable as well, you are attached to them very soon, I promise! And I love how they all speak quite poetic. I’m quite done with these hard characters with their rude and rough words. I don’t know why authors think that makes us feel more connected. It makes me feel like these words are normal and they are not. Thank you Erin for making this an example for how we should act towards each other! If more people would be like these characters, the world would definitely be a better place.

I just started the second book and all I can say is: it gets so much better and more exciting, the story becomes deeper, the characters more evolving and the world even more enchanting… keep reading!


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