Review: The Lost Dreamer

Title: The Lost Dreamer
Author: Erin Forbes
Series: Fire & Ice
Stars: ★★★★☆

Our lives are composed of unexpected moments and unforgettable adventures.

Welcome back to the land of magic, ‘Aisling’, to the Academy for Gifted Youth. Alice and Emery finished their first year at the Academy, but they won’t be back home for long. Their parents have decided to move to Aisling permanently, but there they are being haunted by the memories of their grandmother.

They move into a lovely home with a bewildered garden, which belonged to their grandmother. Ever since being there, the Twins keep having dreams about a boy. The dreams are so real to the girls, that they start investing the legends about the Lost Dreamer. It happens their deceised grandmother knew things about it as well. They find old scribbles and clues in the basemen that lead them to the truth… The Four Elements need to work together again to bring the Lost Dreamer back to reality.

Meanwhile, there is also the threat of Cleo Lennox and the Lennox family. There is something with this family that keeps trying to steal, lie and manipulate towards Alice, Emery and her friends. What is up with Cleo?

Luckily, they find the help of an unexpected new friend.

KnipselErin Forbes is back at it again! Her characters are stronger and with a deeper development. Her words flow like beautiful paintings of nature and flowers, your mind follows the images she discribes. It gives a warm feeling, almost Narnia-like. Perhaps it is because of the animals and the natural surroundings, but it is a joy to the mind.

The storyline is also stronger than the first book. More happens, there is deeper dialogue and the climax to the story is more exciting. Once reading, it is so hard to put the book down again.

I love how the characters don’t stay plain and each grow into an own storyline. I can’t wait to see what the next book will bring, some questions are really unanswered. What’s the deal with Cleo? Will all Four Elements stay together? Will we see more of the Lost Dreamer? And our wise new foxy friend? Answerd to be continued very soon, hopefully…

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