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Top 5 Booksta-Pet Peeves!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog, but I was talking to a friend on my Bookstagram and we came to talk about all the things that annoy us on Instagram. It was actually quite funny. It was about things a lot of us do, but still.. it annoys us when other people do it. So here is a top 5ย of all the pet peeves on Instagram. Just take this with a spoon of suger and a drop of giggling potion.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor annoyed face

1. Questions
I love when people ask questions in their captions, it’s a perfect way to interact with your followers, to get to know them, to get new ideas, etc. BUT…! I think when scrolling down, I can just copy-paste my answer on all the posts. The “What are you currently reading?”-’s are everywhere. It would be nice if we saw some original questions that really make a nice conversation over here… use google if you want, no one will know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Originality
Yes, posting Harry Potter of A Court of Thorns and Roses will probably get you more likes than posting a local book no one but people from your own country will understand the title of, BUT…! It’s actually weird that we all buy the books the big accounts post about. It’s how our bookworld works though, but if someone took a nice picture, you could just hit the like-button as well, right? Try to see through the popularity and see the creativity of the owner!

3. Nice pic, follow me
OH HOW I HATE THOSE. Somehow, it makes me laugh so hard. “I like your picture, so follow me”. Ehm.. that’s not how it works. If you like my picture, shouldn’t you follow me then? Or what about the followers who unfollow when you don’t follow back? (are you following this?!) Yep, we all know the feeling…

4. Random hashtags
Ehm yeah about this. Using #marvel and #harrypotter on your post featuring your newly bought cooking book is really IRRELEVANT. Really. Just don’t do it. No, stop.

5. f0llow_4gr8_stuff
This is our favourite account, right? They have such good posts WOW! So inspirational. Really have nothing to say about this furthermore, haha!


Well, that’s it for a bit right now! I think everything is quite familiair for all of us. Do you recognize these things? Do you have things to add to the list? What annoys you most?

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