Blogtober 2018


Good morning Spooky readers, are you ready for October? It’s fall-time and my fellow blogger and bookstagrammer Blogaboutalatte introduced me to Blogtober. She made a lovely list of topics that fit perfectly into the autumn-vibe of these days. So, what exactly is blogtober and what can you do to join as well?

It’s very easy, down below I’ll post the lost of things to blog about. It’s not something you HAVE to keep up with though. If a topic doesn’t fit you, than it’s okay to change it. You can also write in every language you want, no need to keep it English. 🍁

Second: be creative! Make it fun with pictures, personal stories, extra facts, drawings, poems, playlists. Everything is okay! Are you excited already? Here is the list:

  1. Introduction to Blogtober
  2. My October TBR
  3. Favourite Halloween Movies
  4. Fall Clothing Must-Haves
  5. Top 10 Things that scare/spook me
  6. Fall TV series
  7. How to stay cozy for fall / Tips for staying cozy
  8. Favourite Fall Foods
  9. Scary Book Review
  10. My favourite Horror Icons
  11. The Best Fall drinks
  12. Halloween Party Playlist
  13. Costume Ideas for Couples
  14. Costume Ideas for Him and Her
  15. A day in Fall (Photography of the day, fall themes photo’s, leave pictures, boots, etc.)
  16. Homemade Fall Recipe
  17. Autumn Essentials
  18. Fall OOTD
  19. Vampires vs. Werewolves: Which Team are you?
  20. The Pumpkin Tag (photo of your carved or painted pumpkin)
  21. Tim Burton Appreciation Post
  22. A Haunted House Story / Experience of a Local Ghost Story
  23. 5 Senses of Autumn: Hear, Taste, Touch, See, Smell
  24. Halloween Horror Movie Night
  25. Scary Book Review
  26. Halloween Checklist
  27. Hygge Your Home (How to make your home Fall-cozy)
  28. Fall Book Recommendations
  29. Fun things to do in Fall
  30. Favourite Halloween Memory
  31. Happy Halloween! Blogtober Wrap-up

2018-09-26 21.07.04-1

I did some changes in the original list, but I hope you like my themes and the things I will blog about. Can’t wait to see some of your favourites in the comments! Will you join?

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