Blogtober 2018

Fall Clothing Must-Haves: Blogtober day 4

New seasons are always fun, and one of the fun things is: shopping! Of course your closet is already full and you probably have around 15 sweaters you absolutely needed last winter, 12 scarves because they need to fit the gloves and your winter boots from last year. Or because you wanted to learn how to knit. Explanations enough, but no excuses. Shopping is a must. So what are the things you absolutely need this fall?


I believe every store by now has this warm, yellow line full of sweaters, scarfs, beanies, jackets, pullovers, shirts, pants and I-don’t-know-what’s. Yellow is this season’s colour, so if you don’t own anything yellow yet, this is your change! I personally love this colour. My friend got me a yellow coat and I love it! I’ve also got some sweaters and a few shirts. Plus.. it’s the colour of Hufflepuff, even better!


Dresses and skirts

I see you think: ‘dresses, are you mad?’, maybe I am, but dresses are actually really cute during fall and winter. There are such nice leather, suede and rib-skirts at the stores at the moment, and pretty cozy dresses. You can wear panties underneath them, warm boots, an extra t-shirt or a skirt with a cozy sweater. Endless ways to combine.



Am I the only one who has at least ten different scarfs and still believes that I need more? I mean.. you need scarfs in at least three different colour schemes, three different fabrics, three different lengths, do I need to continue? This season you definitely need a new scarf.



I have a thing for socks. And to be specific: Harry Potter socks. I have so many and it’s really time to sort out that basket. But socks are cute, especially when you have bookstagram (and try to get them on a picture, in the most impossible positions).



Yes, here it is, the most important one. And yes, we all do have a million sweaters. Still, no need to explain this one. Sweaters is the top-1 thing we all need.


What is your favourite must-have and what are you going for when shopping? Tell me all about it!

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