Review: The Kindred Woods

Title: The Kindred Woods
Author: Erin Forbes
Series: Fire & Ice
Stars: ★★★★☆

❝In this world of magic and fascination, darkness hides in strange places.❞

The Hanley twins are crowned with the full attention of their peers. The end of summer brings the beginning of their second year at the Academy for Gifted Youth. Nothing remains simple; life will never be the same.

Mysteries unfold and questions are answered. The Lennox clan must conceal the dark truth of their past. Alice soon discovers a secret. Her knowledge holds power—and danger, too.

KnipselTime to review: I must say, from the entire Fie & Ice series, The Kindred Woods is by far my favourite! The first two were wonderful, and Erin knows exactly how to make your mind wander in the enchanted places of Aisling, but so much happens in this third part.

The first half of the book fits perfectly into the world of The Elementals (#1) and The Lost Dreamer (#2). The magical and Gifted realm, the discriptions… and of course, all the lovely characters have returned. Alice and Emery are wiser, and I feel like the bond between the four Elemental girls has grown into a stronger friendship where they support each other so much more. They’ve accepted the importance of their roles and that can be found through the story.

In the second half of the book, plot twist keep coming. The first one has to do with the Lennox family, and I must say that this is something that I really didn’t expect. The story gets quite a dark twist because of something that happened in the past. But it’s not the only dark vibe that lures into the story.. a big war is coming and the tension builds up the entire time. You feel something big is happening soon, but we have to wait till part four to find out how the darkness in the Gifted realm will be defeated for good.

Another thing I loved about The Kindred Woods is the memories of the past, but as well the new memories that are being made. I’m referring to the sweet blooming love story that grow more and more into the lives of Alice and Ronan. It’s so pure and not pushed, it’s small and I like that. I think it really fits well, given the events that are going on, their age and experience and everything in their surroundings. I’m excited to see more of them together, fingers crossed for the best!

All with all, nothing but love for Erin and her wonderful characters ❤

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